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We are based in Vancouver, Canada but operate worldwide. 
Arrow Internet Marketing is the missing link between your business merely existing online, and actually being found. We are an established, highly successful, full-service Internet Marketing Agency. We deliver outstanding, measurable results to our clients, with the goal of building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships. Because your success is our success!

It’s our job to make sure your website, image, and messaging are engineered to reach your target market. We’ll make sure you show up in their searches. We’ll examine how well your site and online advertising are working for you, and make them work even harder.
We’ll make sure your ads are in the most effective places. And we’ll grow your business with intelligent, custom-designed email marketing programs.
We believe your success is our success!
Keywords are the bait. Your customers are the fish. If you don’t have the right keywords associated with your site, those customers are never going to find you. That’s Search Engine Optimization.
But it’s not enough to “optimize” your search terms once. SEO is an ongoing process. A constantly shifting art. And you have to stay on top of it to keep new customers coming. So we spend countless hours a week studying the latest technologies, and we constantly apply them to our customers’ campaigns. To this aim, each of our clients is assigned a dedicated Internet Marketing Expert to proactively monitor, manage, and improve their rankings.
This is a search engine advertising option in which the advertiser has a small textual ad on a search engine site and pays only if a user clicks on the link in the ad. Also known as Pay Per Click.

With Pay Per Click (PPC), you pay for placement by competing with other advertisers for higher ranking within the sponsored search results.

We research which keywords bring in the greatest amount of traffic and weigh this against the cost of the top ranking position. This ensures that your keywords are highly cost effective.
Google Analytics is a free data collection and reporting tool. It is designed to give you a complete view of every aspect of activity on your web site.

You can discover where your site visitors come from, what pages they visit, how long they stay, what they buy, how often they abandon shopping cart, or complete a successful purchase or
goal, and how often they return.

A proper analysis of this data gives you a considerable edge over your competition in the quest for top search-engine rankings and in increasing customer loyalty and conversion.
Email Marketing campaigns allow you to reach a large audience in a short period of time with the latest information about your products and services.
Here is how we can help you manage successful email campaigns:
  • We can set up data collection on your site,  creating an automatically filled and easy to use customer database.
  • We have professionally designed templates, ready to customize with your company’s latest news or offer, so emails can be created quickly.
  • We track the overall performance of your email campaigns, and adjust them, to ensure optimal results.
If you are in need of a brand new website or are just looking to give your current site a makeover, our team can show you how easy and affordable it can be. We offer modern websites for mobile phones, tablets and desktops.
​​Our process includes:
  • Design consultation to determine your needs, goals and target audience.
  • A professionally designed and developed website, already search-engine friendly an ready to go.
  • Content recommendations to increase loyalty, purchases and traffic.
Building an online buzz about your company, its products and services is crucial to your success. Here are some key areas we focus on to bring you that buzz:
  • distinguishing your products and services from the competition
  • showcasing your reputation
  • competitor analysis – what are they doing and how can we do it better
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